Professional Golf Instructor's Manual
Teach what the PGA Tour Players Do
Howard Twitty
PGA Tour player

Lanny L. Johnson, M.D.
Research & Development

This manuscript is the New Testament of putting.

Fresh new concepts based upon a five year in depth study of PGA Tour Professionals putting techniques, practice and play.

Dr. Johnson brings the medical perspective with proprioception, spatial relationships, and psychomotor burdens.

Twitty's Takes at end of each chapter provides the inside the ropes perspective that only a veteran PGA tour professional could add.

Together, Johnson and Twitty advance concepts based upon research and evidence, rather than baseless opinions steeped in folklore and tradition.

Do not look for the sequel, since no one is going to repeat all the work it took to gather this much data from over 200 PGA Tour Players.

    550+ Pages
Full Color
Highest quality paper
5 lbs.

Howard Twitty
Lanny L. Johnson, M.D.

This book brings the collaborative knowledge of Howard's 35 year PGA Tour Player experience and knowledge with that of an internationally recognized orthopedic surgeon.

More to Putting chronicles their 5 year experience on documenting the putting strokes of near 200 PGA tour players, instruction, and more importantly the privileged feedback that from the insight only PGA tour players possess.

What is being said about There is More to Putting than Meets the Eye?

"Brilliant" —J.W. PGA instructor

"Nothing like it. We want it for our club's Member Guest favor." —F.M. PGA club professional

There is More to Putting than Meets the Eye® is a 550 page, full color book documenting a five year study of putting habits of PGA tour players. It is "collector edition" quality of paper and print documenting this once in a life time adventure.

Howard and Lanny have joked and said they will offer this book at their cost or the introductory price of $50. Prudently, everyone chooses the $50.

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REVIEWS: What players are saying about the book

"Please let me say that after reading your book I have 100% concluded that this is the best putting instructional book I have ever read! Hands down; I have read them all. After purchasing and using a SAM Puttlab for the last five years I had always hoped someone would write a book on putting using the data from this great machine. It's nice to see that someone actually did and also used Tour players to support or refute the findings. I am proud to say that I was lucky enough to spend time with both of you discussing putting over a few days in Arizona in 2008. I learned a ton from you then and I look forward to the future of my putting instruction after reading your new book today. Congratulations to both of you and all the best..."

- Top 100 PGA teacher

"I spent my time on the couch recovering and reading your book. I quickly went through the entire book and have started to read it more specifically a second time. I appreciate you signing my book and the nice comments you made. You did a great job putting the book together and I thoroughly enjoyed going through it. Your book on putting is definitely unique relative to all the other golf books on the market. Anyone from tour pro to the average golfer would benefit from reading the book."

- R.L. Nationally ranked Mid Amateur

"Lanny, how much we appreciate 'There's More to Putting than Meets the Eye' to us...this is a truly phenomenal volume and I have already enjoyed reading it. LK has not yet delved into it, but she really doesn't need to as much as I do, because she has had personal instruction from the master himself!"

- FK, M.D.

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